US Land Traders wants to make the process of buying land as easy as possible. 


The Hemingway Land Company works to make our transactions as easy and efficient as possible for the people we sell to. In fact, an overwhelming amount of our customers are typically very surprised at how effortless we’re able to make these transactions.

For those interested in purchasing land from us, the process is simple. We do, however, differentiate how we handle certain transactions based on price. For instance, properties priced at $10,000 and under we encourage our buyers to process with a credit card through our website. We will then draft and record the deed for you. For properties priced over $10,000 we encourage our buyers to close through a title company. Each process is a little different, and of course, we’ll always make exceptions depending on the buyer’s circumstance or comfort level. That being said, depending on the price of the property, the transaction will proceed in one of two ways…


Price: $0 – $9,999.99

Type Of Closing Recommended: Notary Close

How It Works:

Step 1: Click the “Buy Now” Button

Once you’ve found a property that you like, click the ‘Buy Now’ button on any one of our listing pages. You’ll be directed to a secure payment form where you can enter your credit card information.

At this point you’ll be prompted to enter additional pieces of information, such as the name(s) you’ll want your new property recorded under, as well as the address for where the county will send the tax bill along with the best phone number and e-mail for us to contact you at. Once you’ve filled everything out and provided your credit card information, we’ll be alerted to your payment and will begin…

Step 2: Creating & Approving The New Deed

Within 24 Hours from the time you purchase one of our properties you will receive an e-mail from us with a number of documents. The first is a copy of the recorded deed which put the property into our company’s name. This is our way of verifying that we do in fact own the thing we just sold you. The second document you will receive is the new deed and whatever other county specific documentation is needed to transfer the property into your name. It is during this time that you are asked to verify the information and spellings of names and addresses on the new deed. Simultaneously, this period acts as a good time for you to ask and have answered any questions about the language of the deed and the recording process. Once you are satisfied with the new deed, The Hemingway Land Company will move on to…

Step 3: Sending Everything Along To The County Recorder

It’s during this step in which we will sign, notarize and forward on to the county clerk or recorder’s office the new deed and whatever other paperwork is needed to transfer the property from us to you. Within a week the county should have the document(s) and once they have recorded everything into your name they will place an official county stamp on the deed and forward it along to you for your records. It will usually take three weeks total before you receive this document.

Once all of this has been completed, the property is yours to do with as you please.

It’s that easy!

Price: $10,000+

Type Of Closing Recommended: Title/Escrow

How It Works:

Step 1: Place An Earnest Money Deposit

Once you’ve found a property that you’d like to purchase, click the ‘Buy Now’ button on that property’s listing page. You’ll be directed to a secure payment form where you can enter your credit card information to place the initial non-refundable earnest money deposit. Once we see that you have made your deposit we will begin…

Step 2: Drafting Of Contracts

As this transaction – both the disbursement of funds as well as the recording of the deed – will be handled by a title company, it is important that we first draft a Sale/Purchase Agreement between you (the Buyer) and our company (the Seller). The contracts we use for this process are a simple, one page agreement which spells out the particulars of the deal, such as the Buyer, Seller, Purchase Price, Place of Closing, and Closing Date (to see a sample of one of our Sale/Purchase Agreements click here). Once we have created this agreement we will e-mail you a copy for you or your attorney to review. Any amendments to the language of the agreement will be taken into consideration and discussed between both parties before the agreement is finalized. Once this agreement is finalized, however, we will sign it and e-mail it back to you for your signature. Once you have signed it, it will be your responsibility to forward the contract on to the title company, where they will commence to…

Step 3: Opening Escrow

Once the title company has received the contract they will begin doing all of the requisite due diligence necessary to properly convey the property from our company to you, while guaranteeing clear and marketable title for the land. This process will include escrowing the funds from you (The Buyer), and drafting a new deed to be signed by our Company (The Seller). The high dollar value properties we sell have typically already been closed on, and closed on recently, by the title company we recommend for the re-sale of the property. Theoretically this means the escrow process will be shorter than normal because they have already done most all the work required to insure clear title. Practically speaking this process will still take two to three weeks. Once completed, however, the property will be deeded into your name and you will officially be registered as the new owner.

It’s that simple!